Welcome to Dallas Candles

Hi how are ya?

A big warm welcome to my blog, A new blog post is going to be posted on the 1st of each month, full of updates, behind the scenes stuff and possibly a discount code!

So lets start from the beginning, Dallas Candles was born in 2017 March 23rd, I have all ways had such a love and passion for candles since I was young, and this has quickly progressed into wax melts as well. Dallas Candles name fell into place really as my surname is Dallas, my parents names are Candy & Les I took parts of their names to get the candle part, so wala Dallas Candles. I originally made bright and colourful wax full of glitter, but after watching Blue Planet by David Attenborough I knew I had to go plastic free! So I took all plastic out of my shop, and took the plunge and went plastic free! which I'm so proud of, I know lots of people loved the colourful glittery wax melts but this felt like the right choice for me, if not defiantly for my children's future. 

I do hope you enjoyed the 1st blog post here at Dallas Candles, look forward to showing you the next one. 

Have a Fabulous day!